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“Save Ideas is the world’s first platform to provide free protection of intellectual property using blockchain technology.”

- Prof Dr. Hazbo Skoko Founder Save Ideas

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IP Filing Growth is Stunted by Hurdles

The global IP market generates $180 billion annually in licensing and filings have been growing consistently for 7 years now.

However, the current system does not support innovators, particularly those in developing regions and countries, due to several hurdles.

Time Consuming

IP protection is a time consuming process requiring considerable filing and paperwork.


IP protection is costly (due to legal and filing fees), and requires considerable personal investment.


Even with time and money, the process is complicated and discouraging for newcomers.

Save Ideas’ Solution

The Save Ideas platform is already helping innovators secure their ideas and IP using our unique Time Stamp Certificate® service, and now we plan to integrate blockchain technology for more extensive protection and tokenization of IP.

Time Stamp Certificate®

A unique certificate is generated when an innovator submits an idea on our platform, and this can be used in legal proceedings to support IP ownership claim.

SIP Token

The platform’s native token will be used to reward innovators, upload promising ideas onto the blockchain and allow investing in and trading IPs.

Blockchain Records

IP which gains traction can be uploaded on the blockchain for an immutable record and can then be traded freely or even fractionally owned via SIP tokens.

Save Ideas Platform

  • An operational platform with 4,850+ users
  • Legal company registered in Australia
  • Over 2,400 ideas already submitted
  • Over AUD 1M invested so far
  • iOS and Android apps developed
  • Growing global community
  • Increasing engagement in academic circles

What’s Popular

The most popular ideas among our users.

SACsplint - Easing post-surgery discomfort.

This SACsplint is a unique medical aid was designed by a Registered Nurse and Midwife and borne out of both her personal experience...

Leonie Rastas

23 March 2018

Parking wheel - Easy parking solution

Parking wheel is a revolutionary new parking system that allows users to easily park more cars on the same surface...

Darko Jeromel

26 September 2017

iTernal - digital tombstone

DIGITAL TOMBSTONE – iTernal Worlds first innovative and future oriented digital tombstone Worlds first completely personalized...

Sasa Radovanovic

22 November 2017

New modular compact technology of drinking water purification...

NThe idea is innovative technology for purification of waters from harmful organic and inorganic substances using processes on electrochemically...

CPIP Ltd. Nis

3 August 2018

Save Ideas Vision

The ultimate goal of the platform is to become the global depository of human creativity.
To achieve it Save-Ideas plan for the next 5-7 years to:

  • Have offices in most of the world’s countries.
  • Have 250 - 500 million users.
  • Be listed on major crypto currency and stock exchanges.
  • Constant Re-invest through the Save-ideas Global Commercialization Fund (GFC) in submitted ideas/solutions/art.
  • By re-investing in the most disruptive submissions indirectly employ 1 million people.
  • Adopt an Artificial Intelligence (AI) for screening submissions.
  • Built a secure physical storage depot for the copies of Time Stamp Certificates.
  • Publish quarterly SIs magazine and yearly book with submitted ideas categorized by ‘most liked’, ‘interesting’, realized ets., including stories about authors and their inventions.
  • Establish ‘SIs Scholarships’ for creative talented students.
  • Establish ‘SIs Award’ for the most influential/disruptive inventions.

The Save Ideas Token

Our security token represents actual ownership rights in the platform (without voting rights). It is freely tradable and can be liquidated for fiat.

  • Backed by IP ownership rights
  • Fully transferable and exchangeable
  • Allows fractional ownership of IP rights
  • Allows investment in promising ideas
  • Allows collection of royalties from IP licensing
  • Used to reward innovators for ideas
  • Increases liquidity of intangible assets
  • ERC20 token, to be migrated to native blockchain later

Save Ideas Partners

Save Ideas Team

Prof Dr. Hazbo Skoko


Prof Dr. Tatjana Horvat

Co-founder CFO

Dr. Placide Tapsoba

West Africa Head

Prof Dr. Lesley Williams

Indonesia Head

Prof Dr. Vito Bobek

Slovenia Head

Mr Teshager A Lemma

East Africa Head

Mr Bojan Jovanovski

Business Development

Ms Rahel Tilahun

Co-founder, CAO

Mr Robert I. Hood

Legal Counselor

Mr Sean R. Manning

Global Commercialization

Talbots Pty Ltd NSW AU


Mr Peter Mills

Chief Technology Officer

Prof Dr. Tanja Sedej

Strategic Marketing & Brand Management

Mr Zan Bombek

Tokens Trading

Ms Ajsa Kalic

Advertising & Social Media Officer

Mr Tom Rastas

Co-founder/Web & App Design

Mr Kirubel Adu Kibreth

Projects Managing Officer

Mr Mladin Vuckovic

R&D Officer

Prof Dr. Miha Dvojmoc

Data Protection Officer

Prof Dr. Gorazd Justinek

Blockchain & STO

Mr Cesar Augusto

Business Intelligence Officer

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